Monday, 30 June 2014

July Challenge

Tomorrow sees the start of the July Challenge, make sure you are signed up via Email to get the Challenge emails straight to your inbox, or check back daily to see what your assignment for the day is!

What do you need? Just yourself, whether you are a mom or a dad, it doesn’t matter, you can do the challenge alone or you can send it to your partner to read every day and do it together as a mighty family unit, it’s your choice. You really need nothing more than what you already have, if I mention something specific and you don’t have it, then find something else that will work just as well (for example if I say you have to paint the sky blue and you only have pink, then paint it pink)

Take pictures of the things you do together, there is a very specific reason for this – but, a word of caution, take a photo or two then put down your camera, don’t get caught up and take thousands of pictures just because you want to create the perfect ambiance for the photo, if you use your phone to take pictures then please do not get distracted by the messages or the internet!

The assignment for the day will be available from 9pm on the previous day so you have enough time to fit it into your schedule and plan your day accordingly.

The assignments will never take longer than an hour at the most (unless you stretch it out!)

During and at the end of the 31 Day Challenge there will be a competition, you do not want to miss out on that!

Hope to see you following along! #31daychallenge

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