Thursday, 19 June 2014


A while ago I shared a story on our Afrikaans Facebook page. It struck a nerve with a lot of people so today I’ll share it in English for those who missed it or do not understand Afrikaans!

This morning I went to our local supermarket, walking behind our two girls helping each other to push a kid sized trolley. I notice an older couple following us with their eyes. I’d estimate them to be well in their 80’s. As we walk past them in the milk aisle the gentleman smiles at the children and says to me “When you get to be our age you will realize that this (and he points to the children) was the best years of your life. Enjoy it!”

And isn’t it true? One day you will have all the time in the world to organize your closets, alphabetise your bookcase, keep your floors sparkling clean, wash the little handprints from the windows and walls, keep up to date with the washing and the dishes, but the days in which you can hold and hug those little bodies tightly will never come around again.

I have never met a young person who couldn’t stop singing the praises of his/her parents for always keeping the house shiny clean. Children remember the time, love and attention, the playing and working side by side, that they always felt special and like they had an important part to play in their family, no matter how small. 

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