Friday, 11 July 2014

July Challenge - Day 12

Don’t worry if you missed out and are only joining us now, just jump right in! 

Remember to keep smiling today, give a hug, tell your children that you love them and listen!

Today we will be doing something fun together

Assignment for Day 12: Obstacles! 

There is nothing that gets my kids more excited than an obstacle course, but it takes a lot more to motivate mommy! Keep it simple and try to think of activities that will include everyone in the family, everyone who completes the course is a winner!

Walk like a crab, hop on one leg, ride a scooter, run around the table to the kitchen and back, crawl underneath a chair, jump up and down, walk on your hands – whatever you can come up with. 

If the weather plays along, go outside, but it’s just as easy to do it inside.The secret is to encourage each other and to help where needed – team building, because our family is the most important team we will ever belong to! 

PS: Remember to enter the competition here if you haven’t already!


I love hearing from you, leave a message or send an email ( and tell me how difficult or easy today's assignment was for you!


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