Thursday, 24 July 2014

July Challenge - Day 25

Friday! How on earth did it get to be Friday again so quickly?! Last Friday of the Challenge!

Don’t worry if you missed out and are only joining us now, just jump right in!

Remember to keep smiling today, give a hug, tell your children that you love them and listen!

Assignment for Day 25: Tradition Evening!

Every Friday during this challenge has been tradition evening. It’s the one night a week where you do whatever it is that you chose for your family to do.

It can be movie night, family fun night, games night, as long as you are doing something together as a family!

Remember that the competition on our Facebook page ends Sunday at 21:00, the competition is running on both our English and Afrikaans pages at the same time, so you can enter on both and get your name in the draw twice!


I love hearing from you, leave a message or send an email ( and tell me how difficult or easy today's assignment was for you!


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