Monday, 21 July 2014

July Challenge - Day 22


Don’t worry if you missed out and are only joining us now, just jump right in!

Remember to keep smiling today, give a hug, tell your children that you love them and listen!

Assignment for Day 22: Read a story!

In our home we usually have story time at night, daddy reads a story and a Bible story before bedtime, it’s his special time with his oldest for now, but in the near future as our youngest gets older it will be another family time moment.

Recently we rediscovered books I had from back when I was a little girl. It is filled with stories on good character and behaviour from. Every day at 4 o’clock after daily cleanup we sit down and read a few stories.

I love reading stories with a deeper meaning to the children, even though it sometimes seem like they do not understand, it always paves the way for deep conversations! So for today read a story, one with a message!  


I love hearing from you, leave a message or send an email ( and tell me how difficult or easy today's assignment was for you!


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