Tuesday, 8 July 2014

July Challenge - Day 9

Wednesday, downhill to the weekend!

Don’t worry if you missed out and are only joining us now, just jump right in!

Remember to keep smiling today, give a hug, tell your children that you love them and listen! 

Assignment for Day 9: No Electricity Evening! 

This is my husband’s favourite activity, he’s the camping and sleeping under the stars kind and then he married me! Poor guy, he camps with our eldest in the back yard regularly while mommy has the whole double bed to herself!

Tonight we’ll be having earth hour, without someone having declared it so and marketed it! We are going to switch off everything that works with electricity for at least an hour, which includes the cell phone, tablet and all those things too. And even though we are used to regular blackouts without warning and being grumpy about it for 2 hours, this time we know in advance, can plan accordingly and enjoy it!

We’ll be having dinner by candle light, chat and enjoy each other’s company without anything distracting us and hopefully you will make it a weekly occurrence in your house from now on and save some money too!

Since we still have small children in our house having candles burning isn’t always the best choice, which is why we have a collection of Solar Jars, everyone has one in their room and summer evenings our porch looks like this:

It’s competition time (the first of a few!) and I’m giving away two Consol Solar Jars together with two packets of glow sticks to make your future No Electricity Evenings even more fun. Go to this page, follow the rules, read the terms and conditions and enter!


I love hearing from you, leave a message or send an email (info@bybelklub.co.za) and tell me how difficult or easy today's assignment was for you!


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