Thursday, 3 July 2014

July Challenge - Day 4

It’s Friday! Don’t worry if you missed out and are only joining us now, just jump right in!

We build onto previous assignments, so remember to keep smiling today, give a hug and tell your children that you love them today.

Assignment for Day 4: Create a new family tradition!

In our house Fridays are traditionally – Movie night! It’s the only time of the week where we watch a movie (age appropriate of course and the little one has to be asleep first!) 

On Friday evenings the coffee table makes way for the mattress that gets dragged downstairs in front of the TV, a big bowl of popcorn is made and we all lay in a row to watch the movie.

Every day our oldest asks: “What day is it today?” “It’s Thursday” “Then tomorrow is Friday?!” then a little scream as she realizes “MOVIE NIGHT!”

Traditions are important for families to have, it is time spent together making memories, memories which your children will take with them forever and will continue enjoying with their own families one day, so make it something to look forward to! 


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